Business Tools and Flash Maps

Products Comparing Tool

XML-driven tool for comparing any kind of products among each other. Comparing Tool is allowing to group products by categories and subcategories.


Image Rotating Flash Gallery for Online Stores

Flash Gallery providing stylish and useful visual interface for online stores.
  • XML-Driven
  • Easy configurable and integrable through xml
  • Stylish 3d rotating interface
  • Unlimited amount of products
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Flash Hotel Booking System

  • Online rooms reservation
  • PHP/MySQL integration
  • Room cost calculting

Time Zone Map - Desktop version

  • Windows Installer
  • Autoupdate system
  • Secure registration process with server-side key validating

USA & Canada map

Flash map of the USA and Canada.
  • States and provinces smoothing zoom
  • Stylish fade-out effects
  • Locations plotting from XML

Costa Rica Real Estate Map

  • Two-way interactive map navigation
  • XML configarable

Flash Map Templates

Programming all templates at the
Some examples: view