HEXTRIS Flash Game.

Product features Hextris Flash Game
Addictive gameplay New face of the most famous game in the world
Easy to understand control 4 arrow keys
Violence free Targets all age groups
Small game size 69 kb only
Stylish Flash 8 effects Blurry piece falling, Glow and Shadow effects
Awesome design Web 2.0 style graphics
Easy to install Simply upload to the web-server
Security Fully protected from stealing and decompiling. Nobody can launch this game from a web site not registred in your licence
Highscores table integrated PHP script with XML data storage (no database required)
Increasing complexity 99 levels

Choose Your Package
Package Silver Gold Exclusive*
SWF File
Domains 1 5 Unlimited
Design sources
Scripts sources
Highscors table
PHP scores saver script
Price 199 449 1499

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* Game will be removed from website