Vote Poll Tool

Poll4Web: Web 2.0 Flash Voting Poll

Poll4Web is poll and voting flash based web application for creating different polls on your website for your visitors.

Simple XML configuration file is allows to create a poll in a few minutes.

With numbers of customization options you will easily create look-and-feel that fit your site design.

Key Features
  • Web 2.0 User Interactivity
    Poll4Web designed in Web 2.0 architecture principle: user will never leave the current website page while voting and watching poll results.
  • No Database Needed
    Poll4Web stores all results in txt files, so you don't have to configure database access. You donít need any specific database supported on you hosting.
  • No PHP Knowledge Required
    Poll4Web uses PHP for saving poll results. But you don't have edit or even open PHP scripts. The script was created in way that allows processing all operation fully automatically. All you need - is to define in the XML file poll name, question and answers. The rest of the work will make Poll4Web!
  • User Friendly
    Beautiful and stylish, but yet simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Powerful Color Management
    Possibility to change color of each application element
  • Configurable Background Image
    Possibility to use any external image (i.e.: with your logo) as Poll4Web background. You may set any JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or even SWF in the XML config.
  • Highly Customizable Interface
    Adjustable application sizes and fonts style for all texts in the application: question, answers, buttons label.
  • Multilanguage Support
    Possibility to set question and answers text using any language. Also Poll4Web is allows to change label text of any interface element.